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Choosing an assisted living facility is no easy decision.

It’s not just about price – you care deeply about the quality of care that your loved one will receive, and want to make sure that you’re making the right decision for you and your family.

With that in mind, here are some things to look for in order to determine which assisted living facility is right for you.


There is nothing more evidently wrong with a living space than a bad smell. Make sure to inspect the smaller, hidden areas of the facility you are touring to verify that it is actually clean. Don’t be fooled by a nice living room or great furniture. Trust your nose, because you don’t want to live in an unhygienic facility.

Here are some good questions to ask about cleanliness:



  • How often is housekeeping provided?
  • What types of maintenance is provided (e.g. laundry, cleaning, food services, repairs, etc.)?
  • Who cleans common spaces?
  • Is cleaning provided for personal spaces?

Staff Friendliness

Observe the staff interact with residents while you are visiting. Are they polite and helpful? Do they listen? The staff at any assisted living facility will be intimately involved in a resident’s life at the facility, so it is important to have a friendly and helpful staff.

Here are some important things to find out about the staff:


  • How many staff members are involved in a resident’s daily life?
  • Make sure you meet the management team – a good staff begins with management.
  • What are the words you would use to describe the staff at the facility?
  • What words would current residents describe the staff?
  • What is your staff-resident ratio?


Before you agree to any assisted living facility, make sure you have a meal at the dining facilities. Food quality can make or break a facility, and it is important to learn the dining options, the hours of operation, and the kitchen staff. Also, be sure to meet the other residents enjoying their meal at the same time!

What you want to know about the meals:


  • What kinds of food do you serve?
  • Do they have allergy accommodations?
  • Do they have meal times?
  • Is there food available at all times?
  • If a resident is bed-ridden or ill, how will they receive their food?


Safety features include both security and health-related issues. Make sure bathrooms have accessible showers and tubs, and have grab bars and anti-slip mats, and make sure hallways have handrails, and there are ramps and walkways in addition to stairs.

Additionally, what kind of medical care is available on-site in the event of an emergency? It is a good idea to make sure that a registered nurse is on-call at all times.

Questions to ask about safety:


  • Is there a registered nurse or other licensed medical professional on-site at all times?
  • Is there a staff reduction at night? How does that affect resident care?
  • How is medication handled? Is it stored in a central location, or in the residents’ rooms?
  • How do residents contact emergency services for themselves or others?

Resident Feedback

Read online reviews! Make sure that former and current residents and their families were very happy with their choice of assisted living facilities.

Tips for getting resident feedback:



  • Check the assisted living facility’s Facebook page, as well as their Google Business Profile for reviews – you want 5 stars!
  • Ask the residents you meet during your visit how they would describe the care they receive, as well as the facility as a whole.
  • Ask if the facility has a resident council which can answer any of your questions about the facility.


Green Valley Commons is an assisted living facility in Winchester, VA, and is proud to provide medication management and assistance with personal care, as well as companionship and activities to keep the mind, body and spirit active. Contact us today for more information about our retirement facility! – Free listing allows buyers and sellers to quickly locate or advertise products and services to and from other businesses.
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